unites software, electronics and hardware, helping you monitor and automate things.

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With AutoBits you can receive data from sensors or via APIs, control devices and software, visualize data on dashboards, create automation scenarios, process and filter the data.

Ideal for makers, electronics enthusiasts and labs in data acquisition, control, test, prototyping and R&D applications.

Easy data acquisition and control

We strive to make AutoBits intuitive and easy to use.

AutoBits goal is to minimize convoluted hardware interconnections, complicated software set up and configuration; reduce the need for programming.

It lets you focus on the task at hand while handling the technical part.

Screenshot of dashboard
Dashboard – Create your own custom dashboards with a few mouse clicks

Combine bits as you need

AutoBits brings together, connects and controls the devices you need.

Hardware building blocks: sensors, detectors, indicators, actuators, contactors, relays, motor drivers, ADCs, DACs and more, cover a wide variety of applications.

AutoBits supports many popular protocols out-of-the-box. Thanks to AutoBits extensibility, more protocols are added with every update.

It works with AutoBits hardware as well as hardware made by others.

Read more about supported protocols

For researchers and labs

AutoBits can help you conduct experiments that require automated control based on sensor data. It acquires the data and controls the experiment parameters via relays, motors and actuators.

AutoBits will handle data acquisition, processing, control and automation so you can focus on the experiment and science.

If built-in data processing and control algorithms are insufficient – program your own using Python, MATLAB or .NET Framework. Coming soon

Contact us if you need our help with your experiment setup.

For makers

We love tinkering, especially when it involves electronics, hardware and software. If you are like us, you probably considered taking on some of these projects:

Wake up light, Sous-vide, Reflow oven, Energy monitoring, Air quality monitoring, Automated hydroponics system or home automation system.

Most of such projects need sensors, some form of data processing, control, and visualization. We made AutoBits to handle these common tasks. Give it a try.

Download AutoBits here