Monitoring and automation software for makers and engineers.

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Receive data and send commands

Receive data from sensors and control devices using popular protocols and APIs: 1-Wire, MQTT, REST and more.

View data and video streams

Create custom dashboards with data and video streams. View them on any device, over the network.


Set up simple rules for automation. Control devices and call APIs on schedule, as a reaction to an event or based on a condition.

Dashboard – Create your own custom dashboards with a few mouse clicks


Any project with sensors or external data sources that needs a dashboard, control and automation.

For makers

Make a dashboard for your microcontroller project; Add video monitoring; Control and Automate things around you.

Take a look at our quick start guides.

For IT professionals

Monitor your IT infrastructure: servers, databases, applications. Receive alerts and automate script execution.

For researchers and labs

AutoBits can help you conduct experiments that require automated control based on sensor data.

AutoBits will handle data acquisition and control the experiment parameters via relays, motors and actuators.

For businesses

Monitor your facilities and machinery. Add video surveillance. Collect data from multiple locations into one dashboard.

Getting Started

We put together a few quick start guides to introduce you to AutoBits.

Quickstart: Control Arduino from AutoBits

Control Arduino via Serial Port

Add buttons to AutoBits dashboard to control an LED via Serial Port.

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Quickstart: Measure temperature with DS18B20 sensor and AutoBits

Measure temperature using DS18B20 sensor

Connect DS18B20 sensor using 1-Wire bus and display the measurements on a dashboard.

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