AutoBits works by using extensions. Tune AutoBits for your application by enabling the extensions you need.

Add support for new protocols and devices by installing more extensions. Choose from existing ones or write your own.

We are working hard to develop more extensions, making AutoBits more capable with every update. Currently, it comes bundled with the following extensions:

Extensions available now

Web User Interface

The user interface provides customizable dashboard and access to settings, which let you fine-tune AutoBits for your application.

The user interface is web-based and opens in your web browser. It can also be configured to be accessible over network.

IFTTT Controller

The If-This-Then-That Controller lets you create simple automation scenarios such as:

  • Execute an action as a reaction to an event.
  • Schedule something to happen at specific time.
  • Execute an action if a condition is fulfilled.

MQTT Broker New

Enables AutoBits to receive and publish MQTT messages.

It can be used to get data into or out of AutoBits, or simply to provide broker functionality for MQTT clients.

PID Controller

An implementation of proportional–integral–derivative controller.

The controller can be used to reach and hold set point of some process variable.

For example, heat-up an oven to set point = 50°C and hold it at that temperature.

Computer Hardware Monitor

Lets you monitor temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock rates of computer hardware.

The extension supports most motherboards, Intel and AMD CPUs, AMD and Nvidia GPUs, HDDs and SSDs with S.M.A.R.T.

It also lets you monitor and control computer sound volume.

AutoBits Hardware

Allows AutoBits software to detect and control AutoBits hardware and receive data.

Our hardware modules like Dial, Air Quality sensor, Thermocouple sensor and other sensor modules can acquire data and send it to AutoBits using this extension.

The extension also lets you control AutoBits Relay and Dimmer modules, and other devices that can be controlled programmatically.

Windows App Runner

Lets you start any application programmatically.

Using this extension you can start applications from within automation scenarios or as a reaction to an event.


Lets you test reachability of computers and other hosts on network, and measure network round-trip time.

Sliding Average

Computes the average of the n last data points in a data series.

SQLite Database

Stores all data-points and events on hard drive.

The extension accumulates historical data and enables access for visualization or analysis.

Tray Icon User Interface

Allows AutoBits to occasionally display Windows notifications when something important happens, for example, when update is available or in case error occurs in the application.

The extension shows an icon in Windows taskbar notification area providing a context menu with some useful commands.

Demo Data Generator

Generates a few data series that have data-points with random values that, for example, can be used for testing and demonstration purposes.

Coming soon

Extensions that are currently in development, being tested before release or otherwise planned for release in near future.


Teknic ClearPath-SC Servo Motors

Video Monitoring

Email Sender

REST Web Service Monitor

Optical Flow

ANSI x 3.28 - 2.5 - A4 via RS-485


Laser Doppler Velocimetry

Particle Image Velocimetry

EEVblog 121GW Multimeter


ODrive motor driver

On roadmap

Extensions that are planned, but have somewhat lower priority.

Multi-Agent AutoBits network

AIDA64 Integration

SOAP Web Service Monitor

Powershell Extensions

Other key features

One-click Installation

AutoBits installs on your computer in few seconds without asking any questions.

It starts working out-of-the-box, without configuration.

It uninstalls as quickly, without leaving any traces on your computer.

Frequent Updates in Background

AutoBits keeps itself up-to-date with small incremental updates that run in background.

It means that you will always have the latest version and benefit from the newest features.

The updates are not going to interrupt your work and you will hardly notice the process.

Simple and Intuitive Configuration

We made AutoBits easy to configure.

  • Default settings, that work out-of-the-box
  • Settings editor with context-specific suggestions and auto-complete
  • Simple configuration format
  • Examples and thorough documentation
- make it easy to get started with AutoBits.

Doesn't Require Internet Connection

AutoBits doesn't need Internet connection to work.

It can run on a PC or a Single Board Computer without any network connection at all.

(Only the auto-update functionality is not working without Internet.)

Extensibility and Interoperability

AutoBits functionality is easily extended via extensions developed in .NET, Python or MATLAB Coming soon


AutoBits for Linux and MacOS X are coming some time in 2018 Coming soon