Measure temperature with DS18B20 sensor and AutoBits

Quick Start: How to connect the sensor using 1-Wire bus and display the measurements on a dashboard.

1. Connect the sensor to a computer

Use DS9490R 1-Wire to USB adapter. Wire the sensor in the following way:

Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram

2. Enable 1-Wire extension

Define adapter, port and measurement interval:

  • Open Configure Extensions page.

  • Select 1-Wire extension from the list of extensions.

  • Set adapter to DS9490 and port to USB1. Setting executionIntervalInMillisecond specifies measurement interval.

    autoStart = true
    executionIntervalInMillisecond = 1000
    adapter = DS9490
    port = USB1

  • Turn on the extension.

Configuring Automator extension
Configuring 1-Wire extension.

4. Add a plot to a dashboard

  • On the dashboard: Right Click -> Add Panel -> Plot.

  • Open panel settings (using gear icon). Select the data channel of the sensor.

    Configuring Automator extension
    Configuring 1-Wire extension.
  • Save the dashboard by clicking Save Changes.


This guide shows how to use 1-Wire sensors. DS18B20 was used as an example. AutoBits supports 1-Wire device families 0x28, 0x3B, 0x3A (DS18B20 temperature sensor, MAX31850 thermocouple amplifier, DS2413 dual-channel switch).

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