High-level goals and AutoBits development milestones.

June 2017

Preview released

We released a first Technical Preview - AutoBits v0.1

Late 2017

First extensions

11 extensions were available as of December 2017. Many more are in development and planned for release in 2018.

Early 2018

Pilot projects

AutoBits is first used in real projects.

Late 2018

More extensions and features

We improved user interface to supports multiple dashboards and video streaming. Added extensions for video capture, 1-Wire protocol, GSM communication and sending emails.

H1 2019

Version 1.0

We are on track to graduate AutoBits from 'beta' sometime during 2019. It will happen when most of the essential features are done and the user experience and stability meet our standards.


AutoBits Store

We will introduce a marketplace to help you find and install AutoBits extensions.

Late 2019

SDK for developers & open-sourcing

We are inviting developers to extend AutoBits. At the moment we are improving APIs, polishing developer experience and getting ready to release documentation and examples, to make developing with AutoBits easy and enjoyable.


Cross-platform AutoBits, more extensions and AutoBits hardware

We will make AutoBits cross-platform, double the number of extensions and introduce custom-developed hardware in 2020.

Many more small incremental updates are to come in 2020 with improvements to existing features and extensions.


Real-time AutoBits

We plan to port AutoBits to a real-time operating system to enable applications that require low jitter, fixed and guaranteed processing and reaction times.

More to come ...