Call REST API and parse response using AutoBits

How to use AutoBits REST Service Client extension to call OpenWeather API to retrieve weather information.

1. Configure Automator extension to send HTTP requests

Create a scenario to make a request at a specific time and repeat the call with one-minute interval:

[Fetch Temperature in London]
at = 17:40
execute = REST Service Client :: Make Request
url =,uk&appid=b6907d289e10d714a6e88b30761fae22
method = GET
pathToValue = main.temp
name = Temperature in London
unit = °F
repeat = 1
Configure Automator to send request OpenWeather api
Configure Automator to make requests to OpenWeather API.

At 17:40 REST Service Client extension will make a GET request to OpenWeather API using the specified URL. It will repeat the call every minute.

Setting pathToValue specifies JSON property to use as a data point value.

Consider this response from OpenWeather API for example:

         "description":"light intensity drizzle",

In this case, a data point Temperature in London with the value of 280.32 °F will be generated.

Note: OpenWeather sample API returns same temperature for every request.

2. Test

Open a dashboard and create a panel to represent received data points:

  • On the dashboard: Right Click -> Add Panel -> Plot.

  • Open panel settings (using gear icon). Select the data channel Temperature in London.

  • Save the dashboard by clicking Save Changes.

Temperature in London on a plot
Temperature in London on a plot.


This guide shows how to make REST calls from automation scenarios.