Start an application programmatically using AutoBits

How to run PowerShell script and parse its output to monitor RAM used by a process.

1. Create a PowerShell script to retrieve stats of a process.

Create a file GetProcessRAM.ps1 and put the following in:

$usedMemory = ((Get-Counter "\Process($args)\Working Set - Private").CounterSamples | Select-Object -ExpandProperty CookedValue) / 1mb
Write-Output "RAM used by $args :: $($usedMemory) :: M_B"

This PowerShell script retrieves RAM used by a process and writes the value to the standard output.

2. Configure Automator extension to run the script.

Create a scenario to execute PowerShell at a specific time and repeat the execution with one-second interval. Pass path to the script and name of a process as arguments.

autoStart = true

[Poll AutoBits RAM usage]
at = 21:18
execute = Application Runner :: Run Application
applicationPath = powershell
args = "C:\GetProcessRAM.ps1" "AutoBits"
processOutput = Parse Data Point
createNoWindow = true
repeat = 1s

In this example, we are going to get RAM used by AutoBits itself.

Configure Automator extension to run the script
Configure Automator extension to run the script.

3. Test

  • On the dashboard: Right Click -> Add Panel -> Plot.

  • Open panel settings (using gear icon). Select the data channel RAM used by AutoBits.

  • Save the dashboard by clicking Save Changes.

RAM used by AutoBits on a plot
RAM used by AutoBits on a plot.


This guide shows how to start an application from automation scenario and extract data points from its output.